Friday, April 26, 2013

Looks Like the Start to a Monstrous Summer!

I may be at Benedictine College now, but I can guarantee that come June 21, I will happily be on another campus!  “Where?” you might ask.  Monsters University campus, that’s where!

So if you didn’t get my “joke” there, what I mean is that I’ll be going to see the new movie Monsters University, the Pixar prequel to Monsters, Inc., when it comes out in June.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Disney has started an event called “Monstrous Summer!” at both ends of the US: Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Park in California!

Image from after a Google search

Remember One More Disney Day last year?

Well, Monstrous Summer also has an all-nighter event going on during Memorial Weekend24 hours straight from May 24 to May 25.

And to announce the upcoming all-nighter, Mike Wazowski himself took over Spaceship Earth.

Video from YouTube.

Not only that, but both scary stars of the flicks are soon to do meet and greets in their college attire.  Sulley now sports his college jacket, while Mike has a MU hat and retainer.

Video from YouTube.

While they’ve only met the media and Disney employees so far, “Mike and Sulley will soon be personally meeting and greeting with guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in their collegiate attire at the Monsters University Student Union, complete with a view of the campus.”

For more about the events during this Monstrous Summer, check out any of the links.

Who’s ready for one Monstrous Summer?

See ya all real soon!

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