Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pocket Princesses Celebrates 100th Comic Strip!

My absolute favorite Disney fan artist is Amy Mebberson, the creative mind behind the adorable Pocket Princesses.  The weekly one-panel comic strip features all the official Disney Princesses in candid moments (as Mebberon sees fit), with cameos from others such as Kida, Stitch, and the princes.

The strip is posted on Facebook (almost) every Friday, and yesterday's was the 100th post!

 I love all the excitement and hidden jokes in this one!
Did you find Snow White?
Image from the Pocket Princesses Facebook page.
Copyright belongs to Amy Mebberson.

Congrats to Pocket Princesses!  I highly encourage you to like the page on Facebook -- you won't be disappointed!  Every single strip is cute and hilarious.  Mebberson's take on the characters are true to the original and yet uniquely hers at the same time.


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