Sunday, April 27, 2014

I’m Going to Disney World!

Yep, you read that right.

Reaction: can't hold it in anymore!
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Video from YouTube. The Disney Freak’s Blog original video.

I cannot express how thrilled I am to return to Walt Disney World for my second trip!  Last time I went (2008), I was not a…fully-fledged Disney Freak, but now that I am, this visit is going to be extra magical!

Reaction: worth celebrating!
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Since the recording of that vlog, we have decided to go to Walt Disney World on the Tuesday and Wednesday of our trip: June 17th.and 18th.  As mentioned, the focus of our visit is New Fantasyland, so expect plenty of content!

Bestie, her mom, and I are in the process of planning out our itinerary, which I will vlog about as soon as we finalize everything.  Bestie did personalize our MagicBands recently, so that will also become a vlog soon.  We also have some exciting…clothing news.

So, stay tuned! Ticker


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