Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Impromptu “Let it Go” Cover is Stunning!

I have a confession that will be slightly awkward to make.

I love Maddie Holtze.

Why is this awkward?

Because I sort of know her.  (So Maddie, don't get "weird-ed" out!)

But ever since I first performed with her in a Giant Step Theatre production of Cinderella (she was Cinderella, I was in the ensemble), I wanted to be like her.

She is a gorgeous young woman, she can sing super well, and she’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet.

Speaking of her singing, she recently shared on Facebook a video of her singing an impromptu cover of “Let it Go” after church.  Already a big fan of her singing, I just knew I would have to share!

Maddie herself gave me permission to share the below video.

I was able to ask her a few questions about her singing, the video, and her plans for the future.

The Disney Freak’s Blog: When did you start singing?

Maddie Holtze: I started singing from the time I could talk, but have taken classical voice lessons for 5 years.

TDFB: What do you like about singing?

MH: What's not to love about singing? When I sing, or do any music for that matter, I feel like I can express myself and be truly me. I also love to bring beauty and music into the world, and I believe music can change lives.

TDFB: Why did you choose to sing "Let it Go"?

MH: We happened to be listening to Frozen and it came on.

TDFB: You said it was impromptu. Tell me about that. How did you set it up?

MH: I basically went up on stage and started singing to the recording, and Chris started messing with lighting. We had so much fun, we decided we'd film it after church.

TDFB: Who did the lighting? Did you know what he was planning to do?

MH: Like I said, Chris Helvick did the lighting. It was very surprising to me, I didn't know what he was going to do! The first time I did it, the time when it was truly spur of the moment, I kept stopping my singing to say "this is so cool!" Even the second time I didn't know what he would do, so was working very hard not to freak out!

TDFB: Did you and Chris have an audience? I couldn't quite tell!

MH: There were a couple of people there, but less than 5.

TDFB: What are your thoughts on "Let it Go"? Your interpretation of the message behind the lyrics?

MH: I really thought about how this is a turning point in her life. It sound cliché, but she tried so hard to be someone she was not, and it ended up almost destroying her. It's sort of something we all need to know: don't be anyone but ourselves

TDFB: Are you hoping to go into a singing career?

MH: Yup! I'm going to major in vocal performance. I got into NYU, the U of MN, Madison, Wheaton, Luther and McGill. There's a lot of deciding I have to do regarding distance and price, (especially price,) but I'm honored to have gotten in to all of them.

Photo courtesy of Maddie Holtze and used with permission.

I’m telling you, this girl is going to go places!

A big thank you to Maddie for be so willing to let me share her video, and also for being so patient and persistent in getting me a copy that I could embed into this post!

Congrats, Maddie, and keep up with your amazing singing!

See you all real soon, everyone.

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