Saturday, July 19, 2014

Indiana Jones Stunt Show Closing? False!

UPDATE: As the original Facebook post has been retracted by the third party, here's a synopsis of what it said:

A rumor had been circulating that the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! show would be closing to make room for an apparent Star Wars-themed area in Hollywood Studios.  The rumor also said the American Idol Experience would close as well.

One of my Facebook fans, Tracey Noah, asked if I knew when the closing would happen, as she really enjoys the show.  I told her I didn’t know but would research it.

And good news, Tracey: the blog Disney and more has reported the rumors are false!  Doctor Disney has also said the rumors are false, with an update stating that Cast Members were told the show will not be closing in 2014, but he did point out that the show could close in the future.  (Of course, this is obvious: any show/attraction/ride is at the risk of the future.)

Only the American Idol Experience is confirmed to be be closing to make room for Star Wars additions.

So you still have plenty of time to enjoy one of your favorite shows, Tracey!

Image from Disney and more.

For those of you unable to see the show any time soon, here’s a video of the entire show:

Have you seen the Indiana Jones stunt show?  What are your thoughts on its rumored closing? Please comment!


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  1. I remember being disappointed that I didn't get picked to be on stage as part of it...but then was glad when I saw that the audience participants didn't really do all that much, and missed seeing quite a bit of the show.

  2. Have to admit, I've never actually seen the show in person. Being an audience participant sounds fun, but yeah, you seem to miss quite a lot!


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