Saturday, July 12, 2014

More Media Content of Kristoff’s Debut!

Of course, the Kristoff face character debut during the “Frozen Summer Fun” event at Hollywood Studios has been getting lots of attention on social media everywhere.  I’ve collected some various photos and videos of Kristoff from the event.

Do you have a picture of Kristoff from “Frozen Summer Fun”?  Share it on my Facebook page or tag me on either Twitter or Instagram, and I’ll add it to this post!  You will get all credit.

Videos from YouTube.

Image via Inside the Magic's Facebook page.

Image from Destinations in Florida via Jennifer Hardy.

This video is of the stage show, during which the Arendelle historians recount the events of Frozen. Kristoff enters to set the story straight.

He appears later with Elsa and Anna to sing “Let it Go,” during which some very precious moments happen between the two lovers.

Again, if you have a picture (or video) of Kristoff, share it (or the link) on my Facebook page, tag me on Twitter or Instagram, and I shall include it in here!

See you all real soon.

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