Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'Let it Go' Cover: My Entry for 'Sing Your Heart Out'

I can’t recall when they first announced the “Sing Your Heart Out” contest, hosted by Disney and Kohls, but it was awhile ago.

After hearing about the contest, I shared this on the Blog’s Facebook page, and my fans there gave me lots of encouragement.

So even though I put off entering (mainly out of self-conscious hate of my own singing voice), I finally uploaded my entry video last night – took me two hours because Disney’s website would not work!

Disney will be posted a selection of video entries on October 16, but the judges have until October 6 to pick the finalists. For now, I’ve uploaded my entry to YouTube as well, for anyone to enjoy (but especially my loverly followers).

Wish me luck! The ten finalists will be professionally recorded, and then you will receive the chance to vote for your favorite of the top ten. The voted winner is then part of the Kohls commercial to air in the last spot during the American Music Awards!

Pretty exciting!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Big Announcement!

You’re probably wondering about the current inactivity at this blog.

And this is why:

The first issue of the newspaper came out last Saturday, and it went really well! I think once I get into the groove of things, I can start posting here again, but it will be very minimal with short, easy-to-write-quickly updates.

Until I’m back on a steady basis again, please stick with me!

Thank you!

Molly the Disney Freak
The Disney Freak’s Blog

And I’ll see you all real soon.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's USA Debut!

He made his Disney Parks debut back in April at Tokyo DisneySea, and I ended my post with the request for him to arrive at the States.

Now, the Disney Park’s Blog has announced that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit will be making his USA debut at Disneyland California Adventure starting September 14!

He is so pumped!
Image from Disney Digital Files.

Oswald’s appearance has long been desired by Disney fans, especially in Disneyland, as he has his own "gas station" there already!

Image from WDWMagic forums.

The video below shows the energetic and excited Oswald meeting guests in Tokyo.

Who’s excited to start meeting him in September?



Inside the Magic has reported that Oswald has already made his debut: however, it was at a special event only for Disneyland's annual passholders.

The event, called "Fall Back to Fun," required registration in advance to attend (and again, only for annual passholders). The event featured rare characters mingling with guests.

And Oswald appeared!

Image and video from Inside the Magic.

He'll be appearing for regular meet-and-greets starting September 14.