Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blogging for Three Years!

Yesterday was very special because it marked the anniversary of when I started this blog. Yesterday, we celebrated three years!

Reaction: crowd cheers!
Source missing.

For a Media Writing assignment back in 2012, I wrote my first post on January 14. I didn’t know what lay ahead for me and had no idea I was in for a great ride!

In honor of the occasion, I look back at 2014 and ahead at 2015 in the video below.

Obviously, the biggest change this year will be the eventual change in name! I personally am leaning toward Molly Loves Mouse, but since I’m writing the blog for YOU, your opinion matters. So please vote below for your pick of the two potential names!

Which name do you prefer?

Molly & Mouse / Molly and the Mouse
Molly Loves Mouse
Poll Maker

As always, THANK YOU to all my loverlies: my fans, my family, my friends, all the strangers who find me on Google. Every single time you click on my blog, you make my day 100x better. This blog wouldn’t be possible without all of YOU.

And as is tradition, here are my annual follower/fan numbers – look how we’ve grown!

Join me for another year as we continue to celebrate the magic of Disney! ttfn!


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  2. Name: drop all conjunctions, definite article, and the word "love". Instead, put a heart to connect Molly and Mouse. Develop a character and doll with a fun personality that can be incorporated into your videos with mini Maleficent.

  3. Congrats! Time flies when you're having fun! :)


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