Tuesday, January 13, 2015

‘Frozen’ Fun Commercial Features Animatronics Singing 'For the First Time in Forever'

Walt Disney World’s “Frozen Summer Fun” has (sort of) moved to Disneyland, with some similarities and some differences.

To promote this latest addition to the Frozen craze, Disney created this TV and online spot, which features classic animatronic characters and others singing “For the First Time in Forever.”

“Frozen Fun,” ends May 15, as revealed in the end of the ad. However, this ending date could (is likely to) change, if the program becomes popular. (If it’s like the Walt Disney World event, Disneyland’s will be incredibly popular.)

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My favorite was the Grizzly Peak bear mountain, followed closely by the bellhop. How about you?

The best part about the commercial is that Disneyland actually reprogrammed the featured animatronics, just for this ad. Below, get a backstage glimpse at the filming of the Tiki Room segment.


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