Saturday, May 9, 2015

Today: Hatbox Ghost and his Triumphant Return!

After almost 50 years, the wait is over.

Concept art via the Disney Parks Blog.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Hatbox Ghost? He appeared in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion when it first opened in 1969, but due to the guests being able to figure out the effect, he was removed almost immediately.

But he’s back! Just in time for Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary.

And we’ve got the video to prove it. Take a look.

Originally, the effect was that the Hatbox Ghost had two heads—one in his box, the other attached to his body. Different lights would go on and off. But guests were close enough to decipher how the effect worked, so he was removed and never brought back.

Despite this, he’s remained a huge fan favorite, so it was no surprise that Imagineers perfected how to raise him from the dead…well, not literally: he’s still a ghost, ya know.

If you’re not sure how they’re doing the trick now, I think I know, but I’ll only tell you if you ask.

Otherwise, enjoy the magical resurrection of the Hatbox Ghost!

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