Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Law of a Disney Life

Lately, it's been pretty awesome here at college.


Because everywhere I go, someone makes some sort of reference to Disney!

Seriously, I think I should start keeping track. 

All the time I overhear college kids reminisce on their Disney VHS tapes--for example, before American Literature today, one girl was commenting on how her mother sold their old VHS player and now she doesn't have anything to use for watching her Disney movies!

The best Disney reference I heard today was actually during American Literature.  We were talking about Jack London's story "The Law of Life" (I recommend it!).  It's about an elderly Indian in Alaska left to die, as is "The Law of Life."  Professor asked us what we thought of the story, its take on a culture very unlike ours.

A fellow freshman raised her hand and mentioned how at the end, when the elderly Indian feels the cold muzzle of a wolf against his cheek (the wolves come at the end to *SPOILER* eat him), she imagined a completely different ending: the Indian becomes a wolf-whisperer, and they take him back to their pack, where he becomes like Mowgli...

Professor kind of paused here and when she spoke again, she made us laugh with: "Jack London, Disney-fied."

I could see that, can't you?


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