Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Another Off Day

The Disney Mermaid texted me today to tell me about Young Disney Freak and her growing Disney vocab: just had to share.

Note: I edited TDM's texts because I wanted to keep this...professional.

Before dinner, I received her first text:

Young Disney Freak and I were counting for hide and seek when YDF says, "Let's start over.  This is kind of an off day for me."  And I was laughing before I asked, "What did you say?"  So she said it again, added, "From Tangled!" then burst out giggling.

I began to laugh out loud, right outside the Cafeteria!  I have no idea if anyone looked at me, like last time when I laughed at something Disney-related.

She texted me again:

Then I should tell you [because you'll put this on the Blog] that she was sassy when she said it: "You know?  From Tangled?" like I was dumb or something!  Young Disney Freak is teaching The Disney Mermaid!  Even though I knew where it was from.

Can you picture a three-year-old saying that?  I sure can.

Her last text read:

We were playing follow the leader next (today is just full of Disney).  Every time I said, "This is kind of an off day for me," she'd pause, turn around, stare at me, and then burst out laughing.  It was so funny and all-around cute.

Young Disney Freak's tag line: Gotta love.

Kind of hard not to.

ttfn!  Hope you smiled or chuckled or laughed as much as I did.

(PS: Agh, the Internet and my computer do not get along well!)

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