Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did You Know These Disney Facts?

Oh My Disney, one of the best Disney blogs on earth, posted these Disney facts that you probably haven’t fully realized yet.  When I first saw the blog post, I figured I’d probably know them all.  I was wrong – a few caught me off guard!  Here are my favorites, the ones that I didn’t realize, but feel free to check them all out at Oh My Disney.

Number one, Cinderella’s last name is probably Tremaine.

Cinderella and her stepmother
Image from the Disney Wiki.

Why?  Well, that’s the name Disney gave to her stepmother, and most likely, when Lady Tremaine married Cinderella’s father, her last name changed.  I had sort of realized this but not fully.  Now it’s weird to think about.

Moving on, then

Number two, Belle and Prince Adam are living without enchanted objects right now.

At the end of the movie...do you see any enchanted objects?
.gif image from pixiedustcaps.tumblr

What?  No!  Who’s going to sing “Be Our Guest” with lines like, “Ask the dishes!” and "While the flatware's entertaining"?

Number three, for you Toy Story fanatics, here’s a shocker for ya: Woody probably had a owner before Andy.

Andy's thinking the same thing...
Image from the Disney Wiki.

Why?  Because he’s a toy from an older show.  I don’t fully understand this because I don’t watch Toy Story that much (the talking toys scared me when I was younger).  But maybe this just means that Andy’s dad handed him down or something.  Still, shocking, right?

And finally, this one just made me laugh.  At the end of Mary Poppins, one of my absolute favorite musicals and Disney films, Mr. Banks is wearing a hat with a hole in it.  Throughout the entire song “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” in fact.

Wanted to get a .gif of Mr. Banks during the song but couldn't find
one, but this .gif image looks like a great reaction.  So I figured it'd work.
Image from poehlering.tumblr

And as OMD puts it, what if it rains?

That’s all for now.  Did you know these facts I shared with you?  The others at OMD?  Share with me in the comments!

Until next time, ttfn!

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