Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hidden Mickey in the Cafeteria

After a long dinner shift at work one day (during the school year, I work at the Cafeteria -- loving called "the Caf" by BC students -- at Benedictine, where I go to school), I was cleaning up and getting ready for the brunch shift the next day.  As I was cleaning up the condiments (we always serve burgers during dinner), I noticed a familiar shape among the mayo…

Mayo Mickey
We put bowls under the mayo, mustard, and ketchup
dispensers, and Mickey decided to show up in
the mayo bowl!
Do not remove watermark.

It totally made my day!  Reminds me of another time I noticed a Hidden Mickey at Benedictine….

Have you ever seen any random Hidden Mickeys?  Tell me in the comments or post on my page on Facebook!

See ya all real soon!

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