Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Disney Parks is on Snapchat!

The Most Magical Place on Earth and the Happiest Place on Earth are now both on Snapchat!

Disneyland and Disney World will be “snapping” pictures from the all-nighter event this weekend, taking place on both sides of the coast.  This is the third year Disneyland and Disney World have held simultaneous all-nighter events.

The theme this year is Rock Your Disney Side, with guests being encouraged to dress up as their favorite villain or hero character.

On their respective Facebook pages, Disneyland and Disney World both shared these step-by-step graphics to help fans connect with them on Snapchat.  Here are the images from Disney World's Facebook page.

To add Disneyland on Snapchat, just search "disneyland" instead.

For more details about the Rock Your Disney Side event, check out these posts on the Disney Parks Blog.


  1. Hi!! So first thanks for this!!! Thanks to you I saw the hallowishes today!! I wish I was there but my question is do you know other snapchat user that post a lot about the Disney parks? Thank you :)

    1. I'm so glad this post helped you watch HalloWishes! It makes me happy to know my posts are helping Disney fans(: As for your question, I'm not a huge Snapchat user, so I honestly don't really know.

      Thanks for stopping by! Please visit again(:

    2. Oh well thanks anyway :) yeahhh I actually check your site like 4 times a week and I'm subscribe to your YouTube Chanel años actually when you got appendicitis that day was my birthday i hope you're feeling better and please keep up what you do I really like it!!

    3. Awww I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and YouTube so much! Your comment really made my day brighter xoxo. I hope your birthday went well, and that my unfortunate turn of events didn't make it unlucky or anything! I am doing much, much better, thank you ever so much for asking, my dear friend! For you, I will continue doing what I love(: Have a magical day!

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