Tuesday, May 20, 2014

‘Cinderella’ Teaser Trailer Reveals…Not Much

Five days ago, Disney released the teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action retelling of Cinderellaand unfortunately, we don’t get to see much of the actual film.

Video from YouTube.

As I've mentioned before, teaser trailers aren't really meant to give much of the film’s plot away, just to attract initial audience attention.  Still, this one couldn't be more boring – great, a glass slipper.

I do like the butterfly touch, though.
GIF image from coldneverbotheredme.tumblr.com

Tell me something I don’t know.

To be honest, I’m not really excited for this movie at all.  There are so many retellings of the Cinderella story that it’s kind of become old and repetitive.  A look at the plot suggests similarity to Ever After, starring Drew Barrymore.

What will make this retelling different? 

That’s what I’d like to know, Disney.


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