Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bubble Travel: Who Knew, Right?

Yes, I am referring to one of my favorite quotes from the fabulous movie Tangled.

However, that is not what this post will be about.  (Sorry, Tangled fans!  I do have some stuff for you eventually!)

Nope, today we’re going to look at a new trailer for….well…this is hard for me to say….
Disney’s upcoming motion picture Oz the Great and Powerful.

Before I say anything stupid, watch the trailer.

Video from YouTube.

Okay, so now here’s where I have to tell you everything I think about this movie, especially the trailer, that moment you all have been waiting for, right?  (And speaking of this, don’t you want
to know someone’s full opinions on the Maleficent movie, coming in 2014?)

Well, once again, I’m going to dodge the bullet.

Instead, I’m going to save my actual opinionated post for closer to the release date for Oz, aka
March 8th this year.  Which luckily falls during my Spring Break.  So yes, I’m planning to go.

So what I am going to say is….

While I’m not really looking forward to this movie and am a bit hesitant about it, I will admit the scenery and images are really amazing.  You really do feel as if you’re floating through Oz alongside the Wizard.  All those emerald things?  Simply breathtaking.

The emerald (obviously alluding to the emerald city, which at first
I thought it was) spikes.
Screencapture by THE Disney Freak from included video.
The "signature" was a feature on the program I used that I messed around with;
tell me what you guys think of it.  Use or abandon?

Oh, and who is that china-looking doll?

But that’s all I got for you today.

See you all real soon.

Bestie’s Birthday – Face Reveal!

Friday, December 14th, 2012Bestie’s birthday.

And it would be her “adult” birthday.

When I first got home for Christmas Break, I was hoping to spend the day with her in honor of her big day.  However, being in ballet, she had a show and class to do, with community college finals early in the day.  I got to see her at 2:15 for a coffee break with her mom, but then she was headed to ballet.  I did get to hang out with her mother for the rest of the day until Bestie got back in time for presents and cake with her family (including me, an honorary family member).

Before Bestie got back, her aunt and I went to pick up dinner.  On the way, she and I decided to “roam Apple Valley” which really meant get a present for Bestie.  With my help, she found basically the perfect gift.

And of course, there was my gift to her – which was unfortunately not Disney-themed.

Let me show you in pictures.

Warning: there are a lot of them.

Friday, February 15, 2013

You Can Get It Too!

Okay, so I shared with you the simply wonderful animated short PapermanI love it so much.  It’s not a Pixar short, but it’s seriously just as good.  And the best part?  There are absolutely no words!

The entire story is told through music and animation!

Today as I decided to “update” my Pinterest extension (aka logging on and doing some pinning so as not to have the account appear dead), I decided to search the word “Paperman” to find some pins of my latest Disney happiness obsession.

This pin caught my eye (click the link).

You can buy the score for Paperman? I was thinking.  I need to get this!

After downloading the free single of the week, I asked MMM if I could buy “the score for my favorite Disney Animation Studios short,” to which she replied “Yes.”

(Now really quickly, I only asked because iTunes is set up to my parents’ account, so it’s their money I’d be using.)

So then I bought it!  For $0.99!  And let me just say, it’s simply wonderful!  Especially the part when the little paper airplanes take on matchmaking duties of their own. *smiles*

Me listening to the score on iTunes.  So cute!
Totally just gushed about this to my dorm friends when they came
to pick Roomie up for dinner.  Everyone thinks I'm so cute and giggles
at my Disney happiness!
Screencapture by THE Disney Freak.

Listening to it on repeat.

So what are you waiting for?  Go get it for yourself!

You’re welcome.  ttfn!


According to The Disney Blog and Wikipedia, this score was actually released a while ago, back in December actually.  Hey, sometimes I learn things a bit late too! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Tumblr Catastrophe!

This afternoon, I was looking for some .gifs on Tumblr because .gifs always make me smile (An example? Click this link).  And I thought, “Hey, let me check out Petite Tiaras; there are always really great .gifs there!”

Petite Tiaras is my absolute favorite Tumblr blog.  I don’t know found the name of the moderator -- Mary (the moderator of Petite Tiaras) is simply amazing and can produce just about anything.  Seriously, this girl has skill.  I am in awe.

So imagine my shock and despair to see this message flash across my screen (and yours, if you click the link):

Need I repeat it?
Screencapture by THE Disney Freak.

(Complete with a cute Snow White waving farewell.)

“What is the world coming to!?” I shouted.

I think I know why he or she closed down Petite Tiaras.  Mary was having trouble with people doing two things: one, removing her Petite Tiaras watermark and two, reposting her stuff instead of reblogging it on Tumblr.  Reblogging would give Mary credit, but people who repost her stuff usually pass it off as their own.

What will I do without Petite Tiaras?  According to my Tumblr account, 37% of the stuff I reblog is from Petite Tiaras, with all other Tumblr blogs having less than 10% each! 

Guess I’ll just have to find a new favorite….

Farewell, Petite Tiaras.  Mary, you did well.  Both of you shall be sorely missed.

See you all real soon.

Watch and Fall in Love

It’s that time of year again.

That time of year when you hear love songs in the air.  When you feel your someday might be today.  That day when you become a hero in love’s name (for the link, skip to 0:44 for the scene).  When you have that once upon a dream encounter.  That day when you finally believe fairytales do come true.

When you become “twitterpated.”

And just in time for this time of year (namely, Valentine’s Day – which has taken over all of February and just about all of January too), Disney has released its full-length short Paperman online for our viewing pleasure.

To introduce the video, it’s short but brilliant, wordless but charming, black and white but timeless.

Share it with someone you love today.

Video from YouTube.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and I’ll see you all real soon.

Twitterpated. Ha.


So yesterday, I found out my RA is just in love with this short as I am, and after talking about it with her this evening, I went to this post here to watch it with her.  Sadly, we both discovered the video is now private.  (Sorry for those just checking out this post!)  While I haven't discovered what the reason for this is, I have discovered it's not just my computer -- Wikipedia has the short listed as private.


For those of you who haven't seen the video yet or want to watch it again but can't, I found it uploaded by someone else.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ever Ever After!

While I do love Owl City, I love Carrie Underwood even more.  Honestly, outside of Disney, I think Carrie and Brad Paisley are my two favorite singers.  Oh wait.  Actually, they’d be tied for second after Julie Andrews (my idol!).

So if I’m excited about Owl City and Disney collaborating, don’t you think I’d be even more excited about Carrie and Disney working together?


Friday, February 8, 2013

Double Dose

So you should be aware of the fact that the Walt Disney Company recently acquired Lucasfilm, the studio that brought you the thrilling Indiana Jones franchise and the beloved Star Wars saga.
Concerning Star Wars, there have been two newsworthy tidbits of well news showing up in articles everywhere.

Firstly, both The New York Times and CNN featured obituaries for Stuart Freeborn, the makeup artist responsible for creating some of your favorite Star Wars characters, such as Yoda and Chewbacca.  Freeborn was 98 and passed away on Tuesday.

As I said, he’s well known for creating the character of Yoda.  The New York Times obituary gave an explanation for how he created the green Jedi Master:

His inspiration for the look of Yoda, a puppet, came when he looked in the mirror and saw the lumps and bumps on his own face. To convey the mental power of this master of the Jedi Order, an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization in the “Star Wars” universe, he hit on the notion of using Einstein’s eye wrinkles. Yoda’s big ears popped out of Mr. Freeborn’s imagination.

According to The New York Times article, “George Lucas, the ‘Star Wars’ director, announced [Freeborn’s] death, calling him ‘a makeup legend.’”

Upcoming Episodes…And More?

The other tidbit of Star Wars news had to deal with episodes 7, 8, and 9 in the works.  Recently, Disney confirmed that J. J. Abrams was set to film episode 7, due for 2015.  Abrams is known for directing two Star Trek films.

Both Mercury News and posted articles that refer to the fact that Disney company is planning to create some stand-alone films too, outside of the main saga.

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger said Tuesday that screenwriters Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are working on stand-alone "Star Wars" movies that aren't part of the new trilogy that's in the works.

"There has been speculation about some standalone films that have been in development, and I can confirm to you today that in fact we are working on a few stand-alone films," Iger told CNBC.  
What do you think of this?  I personally thought adding new episodes wasn’t such a great idea (but with Lucas helping, might turn out okay), but I’m definitely not excited about these spin-off movies.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

Perhaps you’ve seen a crazy picture of Johnny Depp.  Crazy how so?  Because of the raven he’s wearing on his head.

That is Johnny’s makeup and “hairpiece” for the upcoming Disney live-action film The Lone RangerHere are the 3 trailers for the movie so far, which look stunning.

Video from YouTube. I like the opening narrative–very intriguing!

Video from YouTube. My favorite of the three.

Video from YouTube. This is a sneak peek at the trailer that will play tomorrow during the Super Bowl–which I will miss!  And speaking of Super Bowl trailers...remember this?

I have to admit that I am not familiar at all with the original Lone Ranger…heck, I’m not even sure if it was a movie or a TV series.  I know of the titular character, Tonto, and Silver (the last one mainly from a Breyer model I used to desire with all my heart).  So having no real connection with the original whatever, I have no expectations except something fantasmic.  However, personally, I do not like it when people mess around with previous works and/or classics, such as the movie and book Maleficent or the new Wizard of Oz movie are respectively based on, but those are for another time.  In short, I understand if some people are not excited for the movie because maybe it messes around with the original.

Summing up.   I like Westerns.  I like thrillers.  I like Johnny Depp.  Nuff said.  I’m excited.

And so I’ll be in theaters on July 3rd this year.

See ya all real soon!

Comments: What are your thoughts?  And just what do you think of Johnny’s bizarre (but awesome) makeup?