Thursday, March 28, 2013

Winter Will-o’-the-Wisp

After we got some snow at Benedictine, I found this mythical creature waiting by a tree..

002 (2)
Picture by THE Disney Freak;
do not remove watermark.

Perhaps it wants to lead me to my fate.

Reaction: Gosh
Source link missing.

See you all real soon.

A Forgotten Treasure

I’d shared with you via Facebook early last semester (around September) that someone had put up a coloring page of Belle and Beast on the bulletin board outside the Cafeteria.  So I realize this is late, but I did get a picture of it not long after I told you.  I was unable to access it from where I had it stored until later in the semester, but by then I had forgotten.

But here it is!  Uncovered from the many pictures I have on my computer.

The caption for the coloring page read
"The Beast asks Belle to marry him," and
below someone wrote, "You're welcome."
Not really sure what they/he/she meant, but
thanks anyway!
Picture taken by THE Disney Freak;
do not remove watermark.

It made my day brighter every single time I saw it was still up there.  Eventually, it was taken down for unknown reasons.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warning: Addictive Music Below!

Second Warning: There’s lots of it!

Before I got an actual Tumblr account, I would look through other Tumblr blogs, following them through Blogger.  One of my favorites was Disney With Swank.  It was while randomly scrolling through this Tumblr that I first discovered Pogo.

Who is Pogo? you ask.

His real name is Nick Bertke, and what Nick does for a living is remix movies into songs.  He does originals too, but his remixes of movie audio clips, song tracks, sound effects, etc. – he takes all those and makes them into a song – are always amazing!

[If I confused you – “His work consists of recording small sounds from a film or a specific scene, and sequencing the sounds together to form a new piece of music” (Wikipedia).]

And because I love Pogo’s mixes so well – I listen to them as I study – I figured I would share with you my favorites of his Disney-themed ones.  Obviously, he has remixes of many movies outside of Disney, but this is The Disney Freak’s Blog, after all.

Let’s start with the first one I ever heard.  And then in no particular order.

And if you start listening to them on repeat during study time like I do, it’s understandable.  I
expected you to.

Snow White: Fairest of the Remixes

Pogo’s track “Wishery” was the one I stumbled upon in Disney With Swank.  At first, I didn’t quite like it, thinking it was making fun of Snow White or something (lots of people don’t like her voice – I admit, I went through that stage once).  But then I realized the backstory to the track and began to like it.  Love the witch’s cackling at the end!

Video from YouTube.

Alice in Pogoland

Pogo’s track “Alice” was his first ever made!  Though I sometimes listen to it as I study, it’s actually one of my least favorites, mainly because of the low beat, I guess.  But I’m coming to appreciate it!  I especially enjoy how Pogo edited the video to make the movements match the music.

Video from YouTube.

Classic Remixing

Pogo’s track “Bloom” isn’t just of one movie: it’s a remix of classic Disney movies – I agree though, there is a bit of a princess-theme in there.  And I absolutely love the Cheshire Cat’s maniacal laughter towards the end.

Video from YouTube.

A Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious Remix

This is definitely one of my favorites.  I literally have the “words” memorized!  I could listen to it all day.  My absolute favorite part is…well, basically all the parts with Mr. Banks, especially his repeated 6:02 part.  Without further ado, here is Pogo’s track “Expialidocious” from Mary Poppins.

Video from YouTube.

That Doesn’t Even Rhyme!

Here is probably my favorite Pogo track.  Honestly, once I found it on YouTube over the summer, I couldn’t stop listening to it.  I’ve actually been avoiding it because I want to listen to his other tracks instead of just this one.  Simply awesome.  Here’s Pogo’s track “Uplar,” which is actually acknowledged by Disney: “He took part in a project hosted by Disney/Pixar to produce a track based on their film Up” (Wikipedia).

Video from YouTube.

White Pogo Magic

This one just makes me laugh, especially Arthur’s “Duff!” lines.  Here’s Pogo’s track “White Magic,” from The Sword and the Stone.

Video from YouTube.

It’s Aztec Gold!

Last one.  Maybe.

This one actually hasn’t been released officially yet, but someone leaked it onto YouTube, and it’s too good not to share.  I am actually listening to it on repeat right now.  My favorite part would be the repeated “You don’t know what this is, do ya? / It’s Aztec gold!”

I cannot seem to be able to put the video in the post, so here’s the link for Pogo’s “Swashbuckle.”

Two Wizards of Oz

I had to.  I just had to.  I love these two Wizard of Oz remixes too much not to share.  The second one may scar you for life, though.  I think it did for me.

Video from YouTube. The video was the winning entry in a contest for the song.

Video from YouTube. And troll faces were born.

Before you go, here’s some interesting news about a track that isn’t on YouTube: “It is suggested that ‘Ariel’, a The Little Mermaid remix, may be released by Disney to coincide with the release of the film on Blu-ray (Wikipedia).

I hope you enjoyed these tracks from Pogo!  And if you’re interested in his other works, I encourage you to just check out his YouTube channel.  He’s got a track on Cinderella, one on Monsters, Inc., and a few on the Toy Story movies, which I didn’t feature.

ttfn!  And I promise, that second Oz review post will come soon!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Great and Powerful Oz: A Review

I’m late, I’m late for a quite important date.

Before I begin, I just have one little note.  This post is a simple review of the movie that just came out: Oz the Great and PowerfulLater, I plan to do a second post which WILL contain SPOILERS because it will discuss in great detail what I didn’t like and why.

And so without further ado, let’s take a peek at the movie behind the curtain

Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a carnival magician known as Oz, wants to be a great man. Not just a good man, but a great one. But when he accidently lands in Oz, he is taken to be a great Wizard who will fulfill a certain prophecy and become king. Oscar sees his chance to become the man he’s always wanted to be, complete with mountain-high piles of gold in the Royal Oz Treasury. But there’s a catch to the prophecy: he has to kill the Wicked Witch (with three possible candidates: Evanora, Theodora, and Glinda). In trying to figure out the three witches and learning to help others besides himself, Oscar learns that, though it may seem impossible, there can be something even greater than greatness itself.

The Great and Powerful

I have to hand it to the special effects team: the special effects they created are simply breathtaking and extremely realistic.  As I’ve stated before, you really do feel as if you are in the Land of Oz, an otherworldly realm where everything is bizarre and brilliant.  However, it seems sometimes that the movie was just a way for some special effects guys to show off their skills – sure, the scenery is beautiful, but did you have to focus on everything Oscar/Oz passed by as he floated along in one of Glinda’s bubble creations?

Obviously, in 1939, the special effects we have now didn’t exist, so of course everything in Oz the Great and Powerful is much more realistic than The Wizard of Oz.

Speaking of The Wizard of Oz, the new movie does try to connect itself (but not perfectly) to the classic.  As evident in the trailers, the movie moves from colorless to colorful (Technicolor), giving a nod to the classic.  There are also cameos of two of Dorothy’s beloved companions, with hints to the third’s “creators.”

There also is lots of humor in the movie, and if I remember correctly, it was all family-friendly humor, something Disney usually excels in.

The Wicked

(Note: these are my observations.  Keep in mind that I am a bit of a coward when it comes to startling movies.  It is your choice whether or not children should see this movie.)

Though the Land of Oz has its beauty, it also has its scary, and this Oz is a lot darker than the one Judy visited.

There are quite a few intense scenes as Oscar/Oz begins his search for the Wicked Witch.  And many times you hear the (off-screen) screaming of the Witch’s flying monkeys as they pass through, but you don’t see them until later in the film.  And when you do, that takes place during another intense and spooky scene in a graveyard.

Speaking of those flying monkeys, these aren’t the furry little guys you remember from Margaret Hamilton’s service.  (No, that furry little guy would be Finley, a random flying monkey who helps Oscar/Oz.)  Instead, these flying monkeys are more like really creepy flying baboons, complete with sharp teeth.

Their boss, the green Wicked Witch, is not quite as wicked or scary as Margaret Hamilton was.  In fact (and I’ll try to avoid spoilers here), the Wicked Witch of the West almost seemed over the top in this movie, especially her first (shadow) appearance.

Lastly, and this may not seem to important, but it is worth noting that Oscar/Oz is portrayed as a womanizer, and little children could be a bit confused.  It’s up to you.

Overall, I’d wait till it comes out on DVD or Blu-ray if you really want to see it.  I gave it 2/5 Mickey Mouse Heads (in place of stars – I thought it was clever!).



One random thing, but there is a point where one character offers another character a green apple to eat, and I did roll my eyes at the very familiar scene.

See you all real soon.  Probably not in the Land of Oz unfortunately, even though I’m in Kansas, but I think the state of Disney is a pretty awesome alternative.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Reeling Me In…

Oh, Disney, why did you have to do exactly what I was hoping you wouldn’t do?

I know you’re confused.  I’m talking about Oz the Great and Powerful again.

Disney actually made me a bit excited for it.

I’m Not Wicked!

Confession time: I love villains.  Sometimes more than the protagonists.  That’s why I expect a really epic defeat for a really epic villain (for an epic villain’s terrible, NON-epic defeat, click here).

And one more confession: I’m a sucker for underdog villains, especially when it’s concerning love triangles.

You know, like the Phantom of the Opera.  (From the movieThe book was great in its own way, but I didn’t feel the same for Erik.)  You sit there (or at least, TDM and I do) feeling super sorry for poor Erik who totally got wronged by Christine, and plus she should have picked him because he’s really hot, oh my gosh, Gerard Butler

Rabbit trail.  Dang it.  Sorry.

So when I say underdog villains (or really just any underdog character, honestly), I mean a villain/character whom you really feel bad for, the one who gets pushed aside.  A non-villain example for me would be Eponine in Les MiserablesThe poor girl.  I honestly almost liked her more than Fantine.

Having just joined YouTube, I got the email newsletter last week.  DisneyMoviesTrailers had just posted the newest trailer for Oz (no, the new one after this one).

Interested because it featured the two witches other than Glinda (and therefore wicked, right?), I clicked on it.

Instantly, I regretted it because Disney reeled me in.  Watch it below and then I’ll explain what I mean.

Okay, time for me to talk again.  Poor Theodora!  An underdog character. Right now, you’re probably confused why I’m labeling her as an “underdog character,” but in my next post I’ll be able to tell you a bit more and prove to you why she is.

But of course, now I’m interested in the movie, only because Disney played on my weak spot for underdog characters.

Just basically, she’s the kind of character (so far) I like to watch in movies.  Especially since I can’t tell if she’s to be underestimated or not, if she really wants peace.  Is she telling the truth? 

I don’t know.  Yet.

I also just loved her little temper bit.  But is she really wicked?  Guess you’ll have to wait till you see the movie to find out!  (For the links here, click ONLY if you don’t mind spoilers.)

To conclude, why did you do this to me, Disney?

Hades Im Cool
Reaction Gif Source

Okay, okay, I’m cool now…

Don’t worry, I still plan to write a full post with my entire opinions, hesitations, thoughts, etc. about the movie.  Tune in soon!

See you all real soon.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Royal This, Royal That: New Fantasy Faire

Just today, InsidetheMagic and DisneyParks posted several new videos showcasing the new Fantasy Faire at Disneyland, which officially opens March 12 this year (also TDM’s birthday!).

Video from YouTube.

It seems I am not able to put the InsidetheMagic videos here in my blog, so I will just include a link to those.

The most important part about this new area at Disneyland is the Royal Hall, where you can meet some of your favorite Disney Princesses, as shown in this video.

Another fun attraction is the Royal Theatre, with two fun shows!  One tells the story of Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene from Tangled.  The other tells the story of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The cool thing about both shows is it incorporates what you could call “simple theatre,” with really just two actors/narrators doing the parts, with Flynn and Rapunzel or Belle playing themselves.

This video gives you an idea of the two shows:

Video from YouTube. The Mother Gothel and Rapunzel part was really well done!

This first link is for the full Tangled showAnd this second link is for a video of the entire Beauty and the Beast show.  Enjoy!

I’m upset that someone commented that the Belle show is better than the Enchanted Tales attraction.  From what I’ve seen and heard, the Enchanted Tales attraction is very amusing and fun, and I can’t wait to experience it in person someday!

Personally, I’m thinking the Fantasy Faire is going to be a pretty fun addition to Disneyland.  All the designs, styles, and costumes remind me of Renaissance Festivals, such as the one here in Minnesota, which I enjoy immensely because the Renaissance era and fantasy stories are my favorite things!

A sleepy Figaro and the bird who seems to be disturbing his nap!
Video screencapture by THE Disney Freak from the first included video.

To close this post (but not the day – look for an Oz post tonight!), here’s a fun video of the Figaro animatronic you got an introduction to in the first video.  I agree with the commenters on the InsidetheMagic video that the animatronic (*ahem, ahem*) looks a bit unfinished or something, but since it’s up, it must be done.

Video from YouTube. I love the Tangled music playing in the background! Very fitting.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just a Topiary

DisneyParks just put a new video on YouTube, advertising the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, but it’s so amusing, you don’t really think about the fact that it’s an ad in a way.

Why is It amusing?  Just some good old Disney magic being used for innocent pranking and fun.

Personally, I loved this little kid.  His little jaw drop and everything.  Made me crack a huge smile.

Video screencapture by THE Disney Freak from included video.

ttfn!  Enjoy your Sunday and new week.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sing a Song, Hear a Story

For Christmas 2012, YDF and MDF each found a very cool CD in their stockings, gifts left there by Santa.

For MDF, it was the CD Songs and Story: The Littler Mermaid.

For YDF, it was the CD Songs and Story: Tangled.

Photo taken by THE Disney Freak;
do not remove watermark.

I’d seen other CDs in this series at Walmart and Target but hadn’t ever bought one, not really interested.  So when YDF and MDF each got one, I was curious and suggested we listen to them a few days later as we waited for the guests to arrive for our annual New Years Eve party.  Gave them something to do while they waited and gave me something to blog about for later.

Video from YouTube. The Disney Freak’s Blog original video.

My thoughts overall: the CD is great in terms of the story part, where a narrator narrates (no way!) the story of your favorite Disney movie.  However, in terms of the song part of the CD, it seems to depend on the CD you get. 

For YDF’s Tangled CD, the songs were all from the movie and featured the original voice actors.  There was one song that I guess was inspired by the movie, which was fine.  I enjoyed it. 

For MDF’s The Little Mermaid CD, the songs were the originals from the movie but other singers sung the parts.  Which was disappointing.  I’d rather hear Jodi Benson sing “Part of Your World” instead of some random singer they chose.

Otherwise, great CDs, and I’m going to look for some myself.  I really like the story part, especially since each narration is complete with audio clips from the movie.