Saturday, March 31, 2012

Orange You Glad?

Orange you glad I'm posting?

Okay, that was kind of lame.  I admit it.

Let's pretend that never happened.

Remember that giveaway Disleelandia was doing?

If you liked their Facebook page, you were entered into a drawing to win a set of Orange Bird figurines.  And they also tossed in a few whistles if they reached a certain number of likes.

It ends today!  Please make sure you liked their page for a chance to win!  I'm assuming the winner will be posted/shared on either their Facebook page or on their blog.

And don't worry about chances -- they've got quite a few of the sets to give away.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Do You Have Facebook?

Hey do you have Facebook?

Well, then you are in luck!

Have you liked the Walt Disney World's page?

Well, then your luck has increased!

For thier fans and "likers," WDW has offered an exclusive cover image for your personal Facebook account!

It looks fantastic.  You get a cute Disney cover, with a Mickey Mouse ear hat over your profile picture with Mickey ready to give you a hug.

Here it is!  So go get it!
From Walt Disney World's Facebook page.

Love it.

I've got it.  Will you?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brave New Characters!

According to The Disney Parks Blog, guess who's coming to the Parks soon (the article focused on WDW)?

Merida from Brave!

Who's excited?

I am!  Beyond a doubt!

If you have been paying attention, I'm very excited for the upcoming Pixar movie.  And the fact that you can now meet her...

Sigh.  I love Disney.

Not only will Merida doing meet-and-greets, she will also help guests perfect their archery skills and do other fun things based off her Scottish homeland.  And the three young bear cubs (you may have seen them in the trailer) will also make appearances.

I'm curious about the last three little guys.  Will they be meet-and-greet characters?  Puppets?  Animatronics?

In the article, the third picture showed artist concept of the meet-and-greet spot (taking up Rapunzel's spot at WDW).  It shows Merida helping a guest with his bow (her helping the little kid looks sooo cute!!), and the bears are peeking out over an archery target...

So it doesn't look like they will be walkaround characters.  Maybe like Remy at Epcot.

We'll just have to see.

Comments: What are your reactions?  And your guesses on the bears?


Well, doing some research for any good old post, I stumbled upon an article at that discusses these characters coming to the Parks.  It didn't confirm whether or not the bears are going to be animatronics or puppets.  Bear (haha like it?) with me as I work to uncover the answer!!


According to The Disney Wiki, Merida will be a face character. The first Pixar face character, in fact.  Makes me more and more excited!!

Saddest Moments in Disney History (Part 2)

Welcome back.  Get those tissues ready.  We're going to uncover the next "Saddest Moment in Disney History."

This time I'm taking you to the plains of Africa.  Among the grass and under the trees live the animals.  And they are all the loyal subjects of mighty king Mufasa.

Yes, I'm talking about The Lion King.

Bear with me please as I work up to the "Saddest."

Simba, the young prince, grows up under the shadow of Pride Rock, training to be the next Lion King.  However, Simba is a bit too...vain and overconfident about his life at present and future post.  He fails to realize the deadly jealousy of his uncle Scar, second-in-line to the throne.

And one day...the "Saddest Moment" begins.

Again, sorry for the bad quality. The YouTube gadget on Blogger wouldn't let me find the HD one.

Why I consider it one of the "Saddest": Who doesn't begin to feel the tears, the pain, the intensity as Mufasa, without thinking of himself, flings himself into the stampede to save his son?  Doesn't shudder while Scar whispers to Mufasa: "Long live the king"?  When Mufasa and Simba scream?  And then begins to cry when Simba finds his father, nudges him, calls for help, and ends up realizing his father..."the king is dead"?

Well I do.  Even my two very young siblings do (we have this habit of cuddling each other at this point in the movie).  I think most of you have the same reactions.

However, the saddest moment of this "Saddest Moment" is when Simba, after calling for help, turns back around to cuddle one last time with his father.

Picture from the Disney Wiki.
Unlike in Bambi, this time it's the father who dies.  While children do not feel the same attachment to their fathers as they do for their mothers, there still is a strong bond between them.  It's been proven that fathers set examples for their children, leading children to look up to them.  The animators portrayed this well in the movie, as Simba spends his whole life trying to live up to his dad ("I was just trying to be brave like you").

That's why Simba's heartbreaking moment of realizing "The Circle of Life" is one of the "Saddest."

Hopefully I haven't made you cry enough that you won't come back for the third "Saddest"...though they aren't in any particular order.

Part 3 of this series can be found here: Saddest Moments in Disney History (Part 3)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saddest Moments in Disney History (Part 1)

Do you cry when you watch sad movies?

I do.

And most of the time, they're Disney movies.


As part of a series, I'm going to be sharing with you some of what I consider the saddest moments in Disney history.

We'll start off the series with Bambi.

In the first movie, Bambi and his mother are overjoyed to find a patch of grass during the bleak months of winter in the forest.  However, as they enjoy their meal, Bambi's mother is startled to find they are not alone.

And so begins what I consider one of the saddest moments in Disney history.

Sorry for the bad quality.

Why I consider it one of the "Saddest": Who doesn't feel their heart break upon seeing Bambi congratulate his mother, only to realize...she's not there?  And then walk around, pitifully calling her?  As I watch the movie now, my heart hurts right away--mainly because I know what's going to happen.  But seeing Bambi bolt from Man...that one time without his mother (right at 0:26 in the clip above).  That's when I start crying.

However, the saddest moment of this particular "Saddest Moment" is when Bambi looks up at his father, and the one tear falls from his eye.

The saddest moment....Bambi realizes the truth.
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

Everyone needs their mother.  Why is this?  Because our mothers carried us for nine months.  The fact that our mother carried us for this long, out of love, has a strong effect on children.

I don't have a reason for adopted children, but I'm pretty sure it's a similar reason.  They feel more attached to their adopted mother because of this longing all children have for their mothers.

That's why this is one of the "Saddest," maybe the "Saddest."

If you didn't cry yet...well come back soon for another "Saddest Moments!"  (Whether you cried or not, come back actually.)

Part 2 can be found here: Saddest Moments in Disney History (Part 2)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey, It Was 50 Cents!

What do you know?  I went on another road trip!  This time with my youth group to a retreat.  And again, I'm not going to talk about the retreat.  Instead (again), I'm going to talk about the trip home.

So it's a 12 hour drive back to Minnesota.  We stop a few times for breaks such as restroom stops, gas stops, and food stops.  This time was really just a restroom stop, but if you were quick you were allowed to buy food.

If you were quick.

I came out of the bathroom and noticed several boys crowding around those cheap toy machines where you put in a few quarters and get so-said cheap toy.  Or tattoos/stickers.  Or candy.

We'd stopped at this same place on the trip to the retreat, so I'd already known there were some Disney tattoos.

Who's going to miss out on a chance like that?  Come on, they were 50 cents!  Cheap!

Chink, chink.  Put the two quarters in.  Push the coins in.  Out slides the tattoo.  In a nice piece of cardboard keeping it safe.

Guess who it was?

Minnie Mouse.

Aw, ain't she pretty.
Picture taken by and copyright THE Disney Freak.

That's all I have for you today.

Oh wait!  I don't want to waste this adorable tattoo.  Anyone know another way to use tattoo?  Like stick it to a plastic lunch box?  Hey, that doesn't sound too bad...if I had one...

Any ideas?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Disney Dad

So last weekend, my father and I went down south to visit a college.  Great trip, but that's not the focus of my post today.  No.  I'm gonna talk about something that happened on the trip home.

I hadn't slept well during the overnight part of the trip, so I slept for a while during the trip home.  My dad put a couple of his cassette tapes into the tape player in a car (yes we have tapes and a tape player--in the house and in the car!  And a record player.  And a VCR.... But I digress).

And when I'm talking about Dad's tapes, I mean old.

Like young George Strait.  And people I've never heard of.

Anyway, there pieces of his past.  I respect that.  I just tease him about them because I think they're boring old tapes.   Not what I like to listen to.

When I woke up, he and I listened to the tapes for a little while longer.  Then he said something about...I don't really remember what he said exactly, but it was something like he didn't know which one to listen to next (he's got a whole case full of them).

I grinned and leaned back in my seat. "I know what we can listen to!"  And I took out a Disney songs tape from the three drawer container in the car (where the kids--mostly little kids--tapes are).

Dad took one look at the tape I'm offering to him and said, "No Disney."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because I'm not a kid anymore, and neither are you."

Now let me explain something.  My dad is not a Disney hater.  Everyone in my family knows I love Disney.  My dad likes the movies too.  I guess he thought I was just being weird/kiddish that day.

But it burst my happy Disney bubble.

So now my quest is to change this Beast into a Disney Prince....

My dad now.
Picture from the Disney Wiki.
But I will change him into a Prince...
Picture from the Disney Wiki.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That Looked Familiar...

While doing some research for another post, I stumbled across this picture on the website for Silly Bandz (those addicting, collectible rubber band bracelets).

In the "Fantasy Shapes" set, look at the mermaid shape in the top left corner.

The mermaid is in the top left corner.  Looks familiar?
Image from and copyright Silly Bandz (

Now when I saw that, the first image that popped into my head was of Ariel.  Yes, that mermaid's pose looks very much like one of Ariel's iconic poses.

This isn't the exact pose
I'm referring to:
her left hand isn't raised.
The exact pose is below.
Image from
The pose is on the right side of the bar.  This is one of the most familiar (and most used
by Disney) poses of Ariel.  It's seen in coloring books, merchandise, almost anything.
Image from

One difference between the two (the Silly Bandz and Ariel) is the hair.  Otherwise, I'm not seeing much else.

I can't accuse anything, and I don't really want to.  I only found it quite interesting and thought I'd share.  In fact, as I was looking for the picture of Ariel, my other sister says, "Why are you obsessed with that?"

Because it's my duty with you to share the Disney things I find and hear about.

By the way, I'm sure now you have some sort of idea what the next post will be.  Congratulations!  Check back soon.

Comments: What do you think?  How alike are the two poses?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Related to Birthdays...

My sister (the one in need of a better Disney Freak name) recently celebrated her birthday.  Actually, to be exact, a week ago from today.  Funny thing is, my parents forgot to get her a present!

But I digress.

Today, it's her UN-birthday!

Oh, don't know what that is?

Let Alice show you herself along her tour of Wonderland.

So for all of you out there without a birthday today....


To me?



For me?

For YOU!


Yes you!

Excluding you birthday kids today.

Yours starts tomorrow.

Please be sure to answer the poll at the bottom of the blog about whether or not today is your unbirthday!  (I'm expecting a larger answer for the latter...)

Also, here's an interesting video showing the backstage test footage for the same video, Alice approved!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Knew It!

When you were a kid, did you ever go to McDonald's?  And did you beg and beg and beg and beg (need I go on?) your parent/legal guardian (make plural if needed) to get you a Happy Meal that came with one of those amazing (but in reality, cheap) toys displayed in the shining plastic...thing?

Raise your hand - I know you did.

So did I.

One time, who knows what age I was, we went to good ol' McDonald's and there showcased in the plastic...thing were several toy animals.

Yeah, animals.

I'm a sucker for animals (not including most insects).

I just had to have one.

So after begging and begging and begging and begging (need I go on?), my mom sighed and agreed.

[Well, I know she agreed.  I really don't remember the scene very well.]

Thus I waited, fidgeting, in line behind her for the food to come on the plastic tray...because with my hamburger would be a toy animal.

I most likely spent my time staring into the plastic...thing and guessing which one I'd get.

Then the food came, my mom took the tray, and we went into the playroom (but I didn't care at the moment about the play place as I did about the toy waiting for me in the Happy Meal bag!).

And what did I find inside my bag once I was able to grab it and hastily open it?

A plastic alligator.

The alligator.
Photo taken by and copyright THE Disney Freak.


I fell in love with her.

[Yes, I gave my toy animals genders and names!  In fact, still do.]

From that day on, I fed...I think her name was Allie?  Momentarily forgetting.

Anyway, I fed her scraps of junk of the floor since she had a top jaw that moved, revealing her pink throat inside.  Sparkles, fuzz balls, scraps of paper, beads, you name it.

Down her throat it goes!
Picture taken by and copyright THE Disney Freak.

In fact, I even shoved a glittery star into her stomach.  Once it had disappeared down her throat, I regretted it.  But I never found the right sized screwdriver so as to open her stomach.

Sometimes, my bestie would babysit her for me!  Granted, this was years ago, when we were like around six years old.  I felt like a true pet owner as I solemnly instructed her on Allie's feeding time, what to feed her, bathing time, and where to keep her.  I believe my bestie babysat (I'd say "petsat," but the spelling check hates that) Allie for a few days...but I don't remember how many times.

Now, hopefully, you laughed at some of the fun descriptions and narrator interjections, but I'm quite sure you're wondering, "Why the heck am I reading all this?  Amusing Monday?  Where's the Disney connection?"

Read on.

Several days ago, I was checking out the blogs I followed and noticed Dan Alexander Dizmentia (great blog, by the way!) had a post on some McDonald's Avatar toys (which apparently do not exist; Dan simply took some McDonald's Tarzan toys and re imagined them as Avatar-themed).

And at the bottom of the post, he linked to an earlier post on some Animal Kingdom toys available at McDonald's.  Good thing I clicked.

Because there, in the picture of the toys featured at McDonald's, was my own Allie!

The Animal Kingdom McDonald's Happy Meal toys.
Image from Dan Alexander Dizmentia and used with permission.
Allie is number 11, in the middle on the bottom row.

For awhile, I'd known Allie was a Disney toy.  Why?  It says so on her stomach!  (I'm still looking for that screwdriver...)

Only, I couldn't remember why she was a Disney toy.  She doesn't look like Tick-Tock from Peter Pan or Brutus or Nero from The Rescuers.  She just looks like a real alligator.

Thanks Dan for letting me know why she's a Disney toy!

So according to Dan's post, these toys were released at McDonald's in I would have been around four years old.  Man, that seems young.

And she's a crocodile?  I was wrong all these years?

Guess she needs a new name - one that starts with the letter C.

But the most important thing?

I need to find that screwdriver.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

John Carter Sequels?

[Note: I have not had the chance yet to see John Carter in theatres, so if you were expecting a review upon seeing the title, whether or not it deserves sequels or something (but remember I hate unplanned sequels), this isn't what you expected.  But it's still worth it.]

Just today, in the comic strip "Foxtrot," Jason has a few ideas for some John Carter sequels...


1) "John Carter of Jupiter"

2) "John Carter of Pluto"

3) "John Carter of Tatooine

4) "John Carter of Pandora"

Now, obviously, the movie was based on the book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, so the chance for a sequel...if it happens, it'll be based on another book from the series, I'm thinking.

Two things I found interesting: As I revealed in my first post on John Carter, both Avatar and the Star Wars movies (though I don't think I mentioned Star Wars in the post) were inspired by Burrough's series.  So the last two of Jason's "sequel" ideas are just all the more ironic.

I wonder if the cartoonist knew that, thus making it intentional.

Hopefully, I will be going to John Carter sometime soon!  Then I'll get a movie review for you.  But until then, some other Disney blogs I'm following have been posting reviews of the movie.

They're way more on top of things than I am.


According to ZapperZ (aka Zz) at the My Disney Mania blog, fans are already calling for a real John Carter sequel and there's a Facebook page already on the requested sequel.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Orange is the Best!

Are you a fan of the Orange Bird?

Well if you are, good news in store.

Disleelandia, another Disney blog, is doing an Orange Bird figurine giveaway!

Even if you're not a fan of this little guy, you should still check it out!

And for those of you who are curious about just who the "Orange Bird" is, he's a flying orange juice container.

Just kidding.  Obviously not, as I included a picture below.
The Orange Bird.
Image from the Disney Wiki.

The Disney Wiki has the answers to your confusion.

Click on the picture of the figurines under the Disney Blogs page or on the side bar bottom of the blog for a link to Disleelandia's giveaway page.  I'm taking part.  Will you?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wacky Disney Costumes

While checking out one of my favorite Disney sites, the Disney Wiki, I found they'd added new pages with pictures of different Disney characters as their costumes evolved through the years.  And there were some pretty wacky ones!

Remember that I was saying about being kinda afraid of atmosphere characters?  Trust me, I'd be a bit freaked out seeing these ones!  I'm not even sure I'd be brave enough to ask for an autograph.  Would you?

A Bear and his Hunny

First is Winnie the Pooh's original costume.  (I caught a glimpse of this earlier on a Disney on Ice post shared by A Snow White Sanctum!)

Uh, why does he have a hunny pot on his head?
All photos for this post from the Disney Wiki.

Original Pooh costume as it appeared in the souvenir program
for Snow White on Ice.
Image from Filmic Light and used with permission.

According to the Disney Wiki, this costume even had a moving nose, ears, and tongue!

I may not be a little kid anymore, but even I'd maybe burst into tears at the sight of that!  Actually, just kidding.  That's a bit exaggerated, isn't it?  Still, it's quite an interesting costume.  Why does he have that hunny pot on top of his head?

Unbeknownst to us all, Pooh has a great sense of...physical balance.

Good news that the next Pooh costume looked a lot more like his animated self...and lost the hunny pot.

Now the rest of your day you're going to be remembering that hunny pot aren't you!

Look at That Conscious!

The second costume I want to show you is of Jiminy Cricket, the smart little conscious of the puppet Pinocchio.  When the Pinocchio characters first appeared at Disneyland, this is what Jiminy looked like.

Jiminy is the one on the far right.
Happy little guy, aren't we?

Makes me think of a bean.

The Mouse Who Started It All

What Disney post is complete without Mickey Mouse?

Let me be bold here: Mickey Mouse is probably the costume character that scares me the most.  It's no joke that the "hard head" costume characters freak me out the most.  (If you have any suggestions to get over this fear of mine, please tell me!)

Well, maybe Goofy...and Minnie Mouse (but she'd be tied).

Speaking of Minnie, both her and Mickey had a few wacky costumes when they started out!

Here are pictures of the first three costumes they appeared in to greet guests at Disneyland.

The first costumes.  Nice white faces!
The second costumes.  The heads are better, however, the overall costume
looks like a person with a giant head on top.  If I look at just the legs and feet,
I'm thinking of a person...but then averting my eyes upward...
The third costumes.
And what I view as the wackiest costumes!
Giant heads, giant hats.
Can't get any better (or did I mean
worse?) than this.
(Luckily, it got better.)

Out of those three, which do you think is the wackiest?

And this might sound a bit mean, but the last costumes make me think of balloons...

All the seemingly anti-Disney comments throughout this post are meant for humor, not meaning that I am losing my Disney Freak title....

So final question, would you approach these characters?  Or did you?  Most of these costumes appeared in the 1950's.

Monday, March 5, 2012

With Love, From Disney

About a year ago, I got out of my class at a nearby community college early and headed over to the bookstore.  I'd been a fan of browsing the kiosks outside the store, peeking into interesting books or just not looking at any of them at all (sometimes they didn't put any good ones on display!)

But what I was really looking for was the book With Love, From Disney.  I'd seen it before, but felt weird in public looking at the pictures of Disney couples smooching (again, my Disney Freak-obsession hadn't fully...bloomed yet!)

My sister had read it a different day while waiting for me.  She'd really enjoyed it, and I hadn't had a chance to look at it fully yet.

It wasn't on the kiosks.

Instead, it was in the $1 sale stand.


Yes, I bought it.

The book cover.
Photo from Amazon.
(I don't think the "Click here" will still
work, but hey, go ahead and try!)

With Love

The book is full of images of famous Disney couples kissing (or cuddling for those such as Nala and Simba).  Of course, several of those couples are Disney Princesses and their Princes, but there are some others such as Bernard and Bianca.

From the first page, the introduction:

Disney's animated films and shorts feature kisses that exemplify all kinds of love, whether it's Mrs. Pott's maternal affection for Chip, Bambi and Faline finding themselves 'twitterpated' for the first time, or Prince Philip waking Princess Aurora from her enchanted slumber with True Love's Kiss.

This book contains dozens of memorable smooches, pecks, and puckers from throughout the history of Walt Disney animation, beginning with the 1934 Mickey and Minnie short "Shanghaied" and culminating with the 1999 feature film Tarzan.  And with such a liberal dose of Disney magic, any Scrooge is sure to be converted into a hopeless romantic.

(With Love, From Disney.  New York: Disney Enterprises, 2008.  Print.  Page 1.)

Not only does it include those images, but it also has printed dialogue from the film.  Most of the time, they are lines referring to the romances to come in the film.  Such as when Snow White begins to tell the Dwarfs about how someday her Prince will come; these lines are accompanied by the image of the Prince giving Snow White True Love's kiss.

Or the famous twitterpated lines by Friend Owl, shown with the image of Faline gently kissing/licking Bambi's cheek.

It even includes dialogue and images from shorts, as the introduction indicated, such as "Once Upon a Wintertime."

Sealed With a Kiss

The best part about the book is that you can send it to a loved one!  (Not that I plan on sending it anywhere...)

Yes, at the back of the book are three flaps which can be folded around the book.  The loved one's address can be written on the supplied lines, and there's even a spot for a stamp or three!

The flaps to use for sending the book
to someone you love.
Found at the back of the book.
Photo taken by THE Disney Freak.
Flaps unfolded.
Figaro and Cleo are on the last page.
Photo taken by THE Disney Freak.
Folding flaps over the front cover.
I love how Aurora and Philip get the front spot!
Photo taken by THE Disney Freak.
And voilà!  Folded over (and then sealed)
the front cover, you can now fill in the
appropriate addresses
and send it off!
Photo taken by THE Disney Freak.

Great Valentine's Day gift, eh?

Too bad I wasn't smart enough to post this then...

Buy Your Own!

If this post made you interested in your own copy, either for yourself or for that loved one (hey, you can give presents to loved ones any day!), I've found the book on Amazon for your convenience.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Disney Day (Update 3)

This will probably be my last update for the event that started early yesterday morning and ended early today.

Disney Parks Blog posted this great little recap of the event One More Disney Day as it closed at Disneyland.

Again, I just love those cute pajamas on those characters!

The characters who braved the their pajamas!
Hope you had a great Leap Day 2012!
Photo from the Disney Parks Blog.

One More Disney Day (Update 2)

Well, folks, One More Disney Day has ended.  The park's fun all-nighter technically ended this morning at midnight (according to Walt Disney's Facebook page, guests starting filing out at 6 a.m.), and now...I don't know what they're doing.  Cleaning up?

A sign for the One More Disney Day event.
Did they get a sprinkling?
Photo from Walt Disney World's Facebook album.

Throughout the day, Walt Disney World, the Disney Parks Blog, and Disneyland have been posting hundreds of photos, updates, and videos.

Thought I'd share them with you.


As you know, Walt Disney World posted an album of photos for the daytime festivities, as I shared in the first update.  As the all-nighter wound down to the actual nighttime part, another album came up.

On the other side of the nation, Disneyland, also open for the 24-hour party, posted their own albums highlighting the fun going on at their park.  Here's one about the entire One More Disney Day (not split up like Walt Disney World for day and night).  Looks like everyone had lots of fun (so wishing I was there!!).  The other album featured photos from the 1 a.m. showing of Fantasmic (definitely one of the best Disney shows at the Parks).

Disney Park's Blog also featured a photo album taken during the event at the Magic Kingdom.  Don't you just love Mickey and Minnie in their pajamas?  Too cute.

Mickey and Minnie showed up to greet guests in their
pajamas for the One More Disney Day all-nighter.
Apparently, so did several of the guests!
Photo from the Disney Parks Blog.

Below is a video I found on YouTube about it.


Walt Disney World featured another video on their Facebook page.  They'd done one early in the morning as the event kicked off, and as the night rolled in they posted another video (and another photo album, mentioned above).  I couldn't find the video when I tried to post it on this post (the YouTube search couldn't find it) so I've just included the link.

Disney Parks Blog also included a video of Disneyland's event kicking off.

This also looked like an interesting video of the people lining up late evening the day before so as to get into Disneyland...makes me think of when Apple releases their new iPhones, and the lines are huge....hey, it's Disney.

And finally, here's another one I found on One More Disney Day: the opening ceremony at Walt Disney World.


Disney Parks Blog posted about the event here, with a few other pictures.  Looks like fun!  Question: would you have worn your pajamas?  I would have!

And here's an article from The Baltimore Sun about the event.  I think I'd be way too excited and pumped to fall asleep!

That's all for now.  I might post some more as I hear more about it.  Until then, happy Disney Freaking!

Walt Disney and Mickey, friends forever.
Celebrating the One More Disney Day at Magic Kingdom.
May all your wishes come true!
Photo from the Disney Parks Blog.
Now it's time for just another Disney day at the parks.